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CNN Interview - Asia's Millennial Guru

Jonathan shares with CNN his journey after leaving AirAsia and eventually building his own consultancy firm, the JY Consultancy and Ventures

PH's Best Work Spaces - Globe Telecom

Jonathan hosts Rappler's Philippines' Best Work Spaces

Episode 1 - Globe Telecom

PH's Best Work Spaces - Aboitiz Group

Jonathan hosts Rappler's Philippines' Best Work Spaces Episode 2 - Aboitiz

Rappler Interview: Jonathan Yabut, a Filipino victory

Get up close and personal with Jonathan as he shares his unforgettable and challenging times in living with the other contestants, and surviving the Apprentice Asia.

From Grit To Great Motivational Talk with Business Blueprint (Australia)

Jonathan addresses the Australian entrepreneurs of Business Blueprint through his best-selling motivational talk, From Grit To Great

Career Tip: You Don't Need To Please Everyone At Work

Not everyone's opinions will matter for your success. Some are meant to make you better, and some are meant to simply hurt you. Let go of your urge to please everyone who criticizes you. You're not pizza, you can't please everyone at work!

Career Tip: How To Build A Good Relationship with Your Boss

Some of us will be those poor unfortunate souls (Ursula the witch, 1989) who end up with bosses who don’t seem to like us at all. They don’t comment on our work, they give us the silent treatment, or they give us the cold shoulders on a daily basis? What could be the reason for it, and what can you do? Here are some case scenarios that may shed light and what can you do about them. Remember, conflicts REMAIN as conflicts unless you do something about them. And resolving always starts with vocali

How To Speak Confidently At Work with Insken Malaysia

Jonathan addresses the plenary of Insken Malaysia and shares tips and tactics on how to improve one's speaking skills at work

How To Manage Millennials At Work with Asia HR Summit

Jonathan addresses the plenary of the Asia HR Summit and shares frameworks on how to manage today's Gen Y workforce

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Asia's Worldwidest Motivational & Business Speaker

Season 1 Winner of The Apprentice Asia


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